Idaho State Police release 2013 crime statistics report

LEWISTON, ID - New crime statistics are in, and the Lewiston Police Department is looking at how those numbers stack up against previous years.

The Idaho State Police produce a report to help law enforcement identify any trends of crime increase or decrease within the area. The newest report shows a decrease in crimes against people and property. However, it also shows a 20% increase in narcotics and paraphernalia.

LPD Chief Steve Orr said that increase is a product of the recent push to crack down on drugs and make successful arrests within Lewiston.

"What our goal is to at some point have those numbers decrease," said Chief Orr. "But we have the problem, the narcotics problem and we will continue to focus on that. The more attention and focus we put on it. Obviously the more arrest and the more investigations we will have."

Another area that saw a decrease was the number of DUI arrests. Last year, 194 people were arrested for driving under the influence, down from 229 the year before.