Idaho Tanning Bill that will affect youths heads to the house floor

LEWISTON, ID - The bill prohibits the use of tanning beds for all younger people, under the age of 16.

The bill has passed the Idaho Health and Welfare committee with an eight to two vote and now will head to the House of Representatives. Parental consent for children 16 and 17 years old will also be needed. Tanning poses a serious health concern and heightens the risk for skin cancer, a statistic that doctors often times agree with.

"Older people getting a tan in a tanning bed, not so much of a risk for melanoma developing, but it's in children and adolescents that are using these tanning beds are at risk for developing melanoma in the next 15 to 20 years," said SJRMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Rooney.

A similar measure died in the Senate last year, but has gained renewed support. $100 for first offenses, $300 for second offenses and upwards to $500 for any additional offenses are fines put in place, if the bill is passed.