Idaho Veteran's Home residents give Santa their Christmas wish list

LEWISTON, ID - Santa Claus made a trip from the North Pole early this year to grant some Christmas wishes to some very deserving individuals.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio discovers the true meaning of Christmas even when some wishes can't come true.

It's easy to get caught up in the cooking, gift giving and holiday bustle that surrounds Christmas time. However for those who could rightfully ask for the world, ask for the things that we often times take for granted the most. For Gene Hatfield he wants more time on earth.

"What I want for Christmas is to wake up Christmas morning," said Hatfield. "See here you live one day at a time. And you take advantage of it, or try too! But in the mean time I have no needs."

For military wife Agnes Lancaster she wants the love of her life of 62 years back.

"He went blind and then he gradually went down hill so," said Lancaster.

Wishes of life, love and for Army and Air Force veteran Francis Boyles, his wish this Christmas is to walk.

"I want to be able to walk, cause I like to move around alot," said Boyles. "I like to climb mountains and swim. And ask god to heal my legs"

And despite knowing full well that their Christmas wishes will probably not be coming true. Holiday spirit was alive and well at the Idaho Veteran's Home.

What do you want for Christmas?

"My two front teeth!" said Hatfield.

"Oh gee I got a lot for Christmas I don't think I need anymore," said Lancaster.

Santa Claus took pictures, spoke with veterans, and of course delivered gifts.

Mary Kay, oooh Mary Kay, but I can't tell what it is," said Idaho Veteran's Home resident.

But the giving didn't stop there. Volunteers Jack Trail and Chris Rugg have been baking for the veterans the past nine years.

"They are so special," said Trail and Rugg. "For all they've done for us we gotta do for them. That's right. This is the least we can do."

Reporting from the Idaho Veteran's Home where the true meaning of Christmas is alive and well.

KLEW News wants to thank all the veterans for their service and wishes a merry Christmas and happy holidays to each and everyone at the home.