Idaho's guns on campus bill draw negative response from LCSC

LEWISTON, ID - The Idaho State Board of Education and officials from colleges and universities are taking a stance against a bill aiming to allow guns on Idaho campuses.

The bill would allow people with Idaho's enhanced concealed-carry permit and retired law enforcement officers to bring firearms on campus. L-C Vice President of Student Affairs, Doctor Andy Hanson said LCSC has and will conform to whatever the law is, however they don't think this particular law is necessary.

Our campuses have been relatively safe, in fact very safe and we think our policies and procedures already adequately address this," said Hanson. "And have found the balance between individual constitutional rights and the safety of the campus community."

A similar measure did fail back in 2011, but if it did pass this time around Idaho would join states like Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin in allowing concealed weapons on campus.