Idaho's statewide average wage fell in 2012

LEWISTON, ID - Idaho's 2012 average hourly wage ranks near the bottom, nationally.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Idaho's average wage is $18.48 which is about 84% of the national average. Idaho's statewide average wage fell from 44th in 2011 to 45th in 2012. Lewiston's average wage is even lower than the state's average.

"We're still seeing wages repressed since the recession began in 2007 and we still haven't seen wages totally bounce back up yet," said Idaho Department of Labor economist, Kathryn Tacke.

Tacke also said that the wages in Lewiston appear to be higher than they really are because Clarkston is included in the findings. Lewiston's average hourly wage in 2012 was $18.28 down slightly from 2011.