Idaho's U.S. Senators' Risch and Crapo explained their concerns at the GOP Convention

MOSCOW, ID - U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo also spoke at the Governor's lunch in the Kibbie Dome Friday afternoon.

They explained their concerns about the Democratic Majority in D.C.

"Since I got there, Barak Obama has taken the national debt from ten trillion dollars to 17-trillion dollars and he'll have it easily doubled by the time he leaves office," said U.S. Senator Jim Risch.

"We're engaged in a fight for our freedom in this country," said U.S. Senator Mike Crapo. "And part of that fight is being engaged, in fact a key part of it is being engaged with regard to the United States Senate."

Both senators said they work as a team to bring Idaho's conservative values to the nations capitol, In fact Senator Crapo said they vote the same roughly 99% of the time. Risch was recently named 'The Most Conservative Senator' by the National Journal. He's up for re-election in November. He took almost 80% of the votes in the May Primary.