"I'm James" T-shirts become social movement at WSU

PULLMAN, WA - A Washington State University student has really made a name for himself on campus.

"It's common for him to stop every couple of seconds, people always saying hi to him and stuff," said WSU student Aleyn Murray.

And it's all because of a t-shirt.

"These shirts are just fun shirts that I created for International Club," said WSU student James Thoul.

James Thoul created his first "I'm James" T-shirt for an assignment in high school, and before he knew it, the entire cross country team was wearing them.

"They thought it was funny, my friends," said Thoul. "That was their first impression. So I just decided to make it a team shirt."

And when James started college last year, the shirts came with him.

"James and I became friends last year, which was our freshman year," said Murray. "I just saw him walking around, he was wearing his 'I'm James' T-shirt and I said, 'Hey, is your name James?' and he said, 'Ya!'"

This may look like just a T-shirt, but here on the WSU campus, it's more of a social movement."

"Not in the sense that it's a Twitter or a Facebook thing, it's like a face-to-face movement," said Murray. "You meet people through it, you know, and you just kind of form a bond that's all started by James."

"It just brings a smile to people's faces," said WSU student Biruck Kebede. "Like whenever you see people, like 'Hey, hey what's up? You're wearing the I'm James shirt.' And you just start talking, connecting."

Now, it's common to see an "I'm James" shirt on campus, even if James himself is nowhere to be seen. But the popularity hasn't gone to his head.

"I wouldn't say so much that it's my name, or anything," said Thoul. "I say it's uniting the people, you know. It's the movement of the people. So it's by the people it's not really by me."

James said that he's not looking to get rich off the shirts, he simply wants to unite people around campus.

James sells the shirts for $13, which is just enough to cover the cost of making them. You can contact him on Twitter @OneSmoothWalker if you would like to order one.