INBC Helps Hurricane Victims, Calling for More Donations


The Inland Northwest Blood Center is putting out an urgent call for donations as they begin working to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

INBC is part of a collaborative group of blood centers who are now coming together to fill blood shortages caused by the storm.

Tuesday, INBC partnered with blood centers in Montana and the Dakotas to send 197 units of red blood cells to the Gulf Coast.

Centers in Hurricane Harvey's path aren't able to collect blood and INBC's marketing and communications specialist Tesia Hummer says they need people here to donate now more than ever.

This disaster comes at a time when INBC sees a low number of donors.

During the summer they see 40% less donations than the rest of the year.

Hummer says, "With the possibility of tens of thousands of people displaced until the hurricane and potential flooding subsides, we need the community's help to ensure a safe and adequate supply not only for our community, but for communities impacted by this massive storm."

She says it's also important to remember it's the blood on the shelves that saves lives, so it's important not just to donate when there's a tragedy, but to make blood donation a part of your routine.

You can donate blood up to three times a year. For more information on donating blood, go to

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