INBC text notifications when donor blood is used

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There is no substitute for human blood. That’s the message officials with Inland Northwest Blood Center want you to know as we get closer to our Blood Drive.

But there’s also no substitute for the feeling you could get, once you find out you’ve helped save a life.

That sound could mean more than just a text message if you’re a blood donor with INBC.

Tesia Hummer, INBC Marketing Specialist said, "We primarily reach out to our donors via phone call or emails. When we switched to a new system recently we actually gained the ability to text donors when their blood was being used."

Donors can now opt in via their profile on to receive text notifications, including messages that let them know when someone has received their blood.

"It helps remind them that they didn't just stop in for an hour one day to donate blood, that their blood is now making a life-changing impact,” said Hummer.

Hummer said the real-time alerts link donors to the reality of what their donation means, and some lucky donors are even able to meet willing blood recipients in person.

"It helps us stay top of mind and really helps our donors realize and remember the importance of this simple act,” said Hummer.

So next time you donate with INBC you could receive a message like this...

A big T-Y (THANK YOU) from someone in need.

Hummer said, "We get so much positive feedback from it because they like knowing, you know, oh that unit it went to use, it didn't expire. Somebody needed me."

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