Increase of Valley Vision funding part of 2014 Fiscal Year Budget

LEWISTON, ID - The Nez Perce County Commissioners decided on a budget Tuesday night.

The 2014 fiscal year budget was fairly similar to last year's, but had a few changes. The commission chairman said they put a heavy emphasis on funding jail staffing, the juvenile detention center and insurance for county staff.

"You know that we as good stewards of everybody's dollar, we try to watch what we spend and what we budget for just like you would as a household," said Nez Perce County Commissioner, Doug Zenner.

Nez Perce county residents face a three-percent property tax increase this year. That money helped the commission balance the budget.

And in continuing Nez Perce county news, the commission didn't settle the budget without a hitch. There was a big disagreement between the three commissioners, on Valley Vision funding. Commissioner Doug Havens didn't agree with commissioners Bob Tippett and Doug Zenner.

"It's not that I don't believe in economic development, I just believe in a more targeted approach to it," said Havens.

"I think you need a good combination of public and private sector both involved in the process," said Nez Perce Co. Commissioner, Bob Tippett. "And economic development is a process."

The two commissioners overruled Havens and passed the contribution increase. Valley Vision ended up getting $28,500 from the county. That's about $23,000 more than last year.