Increasing scholarships puts a limit on funding for Youth Scholarship Pgm.

MOSCOW, ID - Monday night, the Moscow city council approved a new policy to control the spending of its rapidly-growing Youth Scholarship Program.

The program provides parks and rec services like summer camps and pool passes to families that can't afford to pay the fees. Previously, there wasn't a limit on how much of taxpayer's money could be spent on the scholarships, or a requirement of residency of prof of financial need.

"What we're really trying to do is account for it, and make sure the public knows what they're spending their money on," said Council member Dan Carscallen.

In 2012, over $18,000 in scholarships were given out. The city only contributed about $8,000 to the fund, but scholarships increased nearly 40% from the previous year. The overall program expenses are capped at $18,000, and the city will pay whatever the program doesn't make in donations. This will go into effect for the fiscal year 2014, and scholarships still won't require proof of residency of financial need.