Injured man with severe head injury causes Genesee School lockdown

GENESEE, ID - A man is recovering from a severe head injury after causing the Genesee School District to go on lockdown Friday morning.

Latah County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to report of a gunshot wound at a house in Genesee at about 8:00 Friday morning. Latah County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Brannon Jordan said when they got there, emergency responders didn't find any evidence of a gun, or a gunshot wound on the victim.

"It appears that he dove out the window of a camp trailer and may have hit his head and may have injured himself when he hit the ground," said Jordan.

The man has been identified as 53-year-old David Payne and he was taken to Gritman Medical Center. Jordan said he climbed the fence of a nearby residence and told the woman who lived there that he'd been shot.

Deputies believe Payne was under the influence of a controlled substance, and they're still investigating the incident. This all happened near the Genesee school, and they locked the building down for about ten minutes but luckily, the students already had the day off.