Inland Northwest Blood Center "Pint for Pint" Blood Drive

LEWISTON, ID - Summer is slowly coming to an end, but the need for blood donations never stop.

In an effort to ensure that the community has a strong blood supply for the holiday season, the Inland Northwest Blood Center is holding a "Pint for Pint" Blood Drive. Communications Officer Elizabeth Giles said when donors come in this week and donate a pint of blood, they'll get a pint of ice cream in return. The summer months cause a set back for blood supply so they're hoping this push for donations helps out.

"About 35% of our blood supply comes from colleges and high schools, so we've been missing them in June, July and August," said Recruitment Coordinator Sandra King. "So we're hoping this is going to make a difference."

Jose has promised me this isn't going to hurt. Is it going to be painful?

"Nope it isn't going to painful you won't even know I'm doing it' Okay let's do it," said Jose.

For every pint a donor donates, three lives are saved. The Inland Northwest Blood Center is holding the 'Pint for Pint' drive until this Friday.