Inmates' lawsuit settlement improves Asotin County Jail

CLARKSTON, WA - Excess funds from a 2005 lawsuit are now being re-directed to improve the Asotin County Jail.

A class action suit against the county nine years ago is in its final stages. Former jail inmates sued the county for charging booking fees before they were found guilty. Those inmates won that lawsuit.

As part of the settlement, the county is paying former inmates who paid those fees. But approximately $25,000 of that payout remains
uncollected by former inmates, so Asotin County Sheriff Ken Bancroft is being advised to use those funds to improve the jail.

"He's supposed to get some time of program set up and proposed and back to us and then we'll present it to the attorneys and see if that fulfills the needs of that lawsuit," said Asotin County Commissioner, Jim Fuller.

Bancroft said they're still in the planning stages, but they'd like to use the money to expand visiting hours and smooth out that process.