Insects gravitate towards your warm home when the colder weather hits

LEWISTON, ID - With Fall just around the corner many people need to be aware that although insects may slow down a bit, they don't go away.

Pests such as Black Widows and other spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, rats, mice and the like tend to gravitate towards warm, comfortable environments like your homes where they continue feeding, growing and multiplying.

"They're getting in door jams," said Paramount Pest Control Supervisor Dustin Spickler. "Garages are big for Black Widows, there's Black Widows all over the Valley, people are noticing the webs, we got the Hobo spider around."

Paramount Pest Control Supervisor Dustin Spickler said he's already seen a huge increase in calls reporting large spiders and others insects inhabiting homes. He said winter is not the time to take a break from pest control, but a time to gain control over the many pests that plague the area.