Inside Look: Changes Coming for Lewiston Police


More construction on the horizon for the safety of employees at the Lewiston Police Department. Construction on a new security fence is scheduled to start Monday. The project has been in the works for around two years, and has a budget of $140,000. Construction will take place in four phases, beginning with demolition of the current parking structure.

Lewiston Police Chief, Chris Ankeny says they want to make their workplace as secure as possible for all employees.

"We had several attempts to break into the facility while unarmed dispatchers were working,” said Chief Ankeny. “We have video of an individual that took a large plumbing wrench and tried to bash in the glass door. It's not an environment we can ignore."

The fence won’t go around the entire building, but only the parking areas for the public and police vehicles. The project is expected to take one month and should have limited impact to drivers in the area.

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