Insurance Co. for city denies responsibility in claim filed by RV Parts Store

LEWISTON, ID - A local business owner who filed a $40,000 tort lawsuit against the city of Lewiston has received a response.

RV Parts Store Owner Dan King filed a tort claim against the city back in February because of what he calls negligence on the city's part to provide appropriate access to his business, which is located at 5th and Beachey in Lewiston, during the First and Fifth Street reconstruction project.

King said that the insurance company from the city of Lewiston has denied any responsibility and told him that the issue should be taken up with the City of Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency. King has not dropped his claim against the city, but rather filed an additional $40,000 claim against the agency.

"No matter what happens as far as who comes out liable for it, the basic thing is that the problem existed," said King. "Somebody is responsible for it and they just need to figure out who is gonna' except the responsibility."

The insurance company for the City of Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency has 90 days to respond to King's tort claim.