Insurance won’t cover damage of a local man victim of hit and run


A local man is the victim of a hit and run accident, and now his insurance won’t foot the bill.

KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty sat down with him to get the full story. She joins us now in studio with the story.

Terry Parsons was rear-ended on the Blue Bridge this week. The driver responsible for the accident took off. But Lewiston police say this is just one of many accidents of this type that happen every month. Take a look.

Terry Parsons loves cars.

"I built up cars all my life,” said Parsons.

He loves them so much so that he used to own a race track.

"I got run over by three race cars,” said Parsons.

He lost his leg as a result of the accident, but his passion never wavered. Last week Terry was driving on the Blue Bridge.

"When I seen the Subaru coming up behind me I couldn't turn to the left because there was a little gold Toyota or Honda there next to me,” said Parsons.

A black early model Subaru Sidekick rear-ended him, destroying the frame of his car and then took off. At first he was shocked.

"And hour later, it hit me,” said Parsons. “I could not move my head I had a terrific head ache, my back is messed up."

And his insurance won’t cover the damage.

"It don't look like much, but if I need to go somewhere in quick hurry, it's always dependable,” said Parsons.

But what happened to Terry, it turns out isn’t that uncommon.

"So far this year we have had 55 hit and run accident reported to the Lewiston Police Department,” said LPD Lieutenant Jeff Klone.

That is almost one a day since the first of January. These accidents vary in damage and severity.

"Minor parking lot accidents to accidents on the roadway,” said Lt. Klone.

Lieutenant Jeff Klone says fleeing the scene of an accident makes the situation worse for both parties.

"Even if you aren't supposed to be driving, or don't have insurance, the consequences on sticking around, and maybe getting a minor ticket, are much better than the consequences of when you're found, and you're looking at potentially going to jail,” said Lt. Klone.

And as for Terry... he hopes the person responsible comes forward.

"I just wish people would slow down and have a little consideration for each other,” said Parsons.

Lieutenant Klone says if you have any information on a hit and run accident or would like to report one, contact LPD’s non-emergency line at (208) 746-0171.

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