Interactive play "Tomato Plant Girl" involves some audience participation

MOSCOW, ID - Although it's been pretty hot recently and we whine about the high temperatures once in a while, these hot days make for some beautiful sunny evenings,especially on the Palouse.

Jenee' Ryan shows us a way you can enjoy these delightful dusks while supporting local theatre and building your child's confidence.

In the summer sun, most tomatoes grow and ripen, but in Moscow there's one that dances and sings.

Friday night the Idaho Repertory Theatre presented their first showing of "Tomato Plant Girl" at the Hartung Outdoor Theatre on the University of Idaho campus.

Director Travis Gray said he chose to hold the play outside during the summer months to give families an excuse to get outdoors, and possibly even enjoy a picnic.

"It's got a lot of heart, the actors really found the humanity in their characters," said Gray. "And its such a fun cute little story, and I think young and old will really enjoy it."

Even though it's a comedy, the play communicates many empowering messages to its young audience. The most important one? To be yourself.

"It's about learning to have confidence in yourself, and even if you're a little different from other people, just being able to embrace that, and not letting people treat you badly because of it," said costume designer Liz Karst.

If you plan on going, be ready to do more than sit and watch. The show is extremely interactive. The actors regularly talk with the audience members and even join their picnics.

"I was hoping, I'm really hoping for audience participation in the show and they totally did," said Gray. "They got into it and had a good time."

"Tomato Plant Girl" performances will be held at the Hartung Outdoor Theatre on the U of I campus at 7pm each Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. through August second. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for kids.