Intermittent rain in LC valley not enough to cause landslides or flooding


Here in the LC Valley scattered showers aren’t having much effect on our waterways and hillsides. But with more rain on the way, we could be facing similar issues down the road.

KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy found out and has the story.

I'm here near the Elks Lodge in Lewiston, one of the areas historically prone to slides. But when I spoke with Joe Kaufman of the City of Lewiston today, he said even with intermittent rain, it's not enough to have cause for concern.

Storm drains, including several newer ones installed in downtown Lewiston, are keeping up with much of the precipitation.

In both Lewiston and Clarkston, Public Works officials echo the same sentiment... even with the rain and warmer temperatures, flooding and slides aren’t a big concern right now.

Asotin County Road Supervisor Glen Sharnhorst says Asotin Creek is a bit higher, but they haven’t seen any large dangers since the flooding in Anatone.

While officials are keeping an eye on things on both sides of the river, Joe Kaufman says predicting a landslide is kind of like predicting an earthquake.

"Landslides are hard to predict because they're pretty infrequent and pretty random, but this time of year when it is wet is the time of year that things typically do happen,” said Kaufman.

I don't know if you can see, but I have about ten pounds of mud on my shoes right now. It's pretty hard to move. But even with all this rain on the ground, it's still not enough moisture to move this earth.

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