Inventive young students had a chance to take home 'Invent Idaho' state title

MOSCOW, ID - Every year, young inventors from across the state head to the University of Idaho campus to show off their most creative ideas.

On Saturday, the Invent Idaho Finals attracted hundreds of grade school students and parents to the U of I. Top inventors from Idaho schools were invited for the chance to win the state title. Their projects range from energy-saving devices to a cookie-making robot.

"You turn it on by pressing its eye, and then it grabs the ingredients, it has it in its little cabinet, and then he measures it, he has measuring tools, he has all the ingredients for three cookies," said Garwood Elementary Student Cole Daricek.

U of I President Chuck Staben helped hand out the awards, and winning inventors took home thousand-dollar college scholarships. Invent Idaho has provided a forum for thousands of young inventors, grades one through eight since 1989.