Investigation into counterfeit money originated from overseas

money better.jpg

Latah County Sheriff’s officials just intercepted counterfeit money in the area and they look just like the kind that Clarkston police took off the streets not too long ago.

The fake bills have large Chinese characters printed in red on the front and back, with blurry printing. The paper is also lightweight.

Officials suspect the bills may have been produced in China to train overseas banking employees, but the origin of the bills remains unclear.

The U.S. Secret Service is assisting the sheriff’s office with the investigation. Investigators say they’ve seen two $20.00 bills and two $10.00 bills so far.

“It appears to be produced in Asia, to train overseas tellers,” said Lieutenant Brannon Jordan. “We’re not sure the exact origin of these bills that we have here, but we believe we have all of them from the source that we got them from.”

Law enforcement officials say if you have any doubt that a bill may be counterfeit, take them to your local bank. They will have special pens they can write on them and black lights that will reveal the distinguishing marks on them.

If any of this counterfeit currency is presented to you as payment you are urged to contact your local law enforcement department.

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