ISP Quarterly Crime Report increased due to crack down on illicit drugs

LEWISTON, ID - New crime statistics are in, and the Lewiston Police Department is looking at how the numbers stack up against last year's.

Idaho State Police produce a quarterly report to help law enforcement identify any trends of crime increase or decrease within the area. The newest report shows January through June of this year, and despite a 30 to 40% increase in narcotics and paraphernalia from last year, LPD Captain Roger Lanier said the increase is a product of the recent push to crack down on drugs and make successful arrests within Lewiston.

"We also aggressively use are narcotics K-9 on traffic stops when we feel like there could be drugs," said Lanier. "We also have initiated quite a few confidential informant drug buys and drug investigations, so all of those cases that consertive effort means a higher number."

ISP uses three major crime classes to generate the report, crimes against people, property and society. Crimes against people, decrease more than five-percent from this time last year.