I.S.P. sworn to protect and serve mark milestone with 75th Anniversary

LEWISTON, ID - 75-years ago Thursday, Idaho State Police became an official Law Enforcement Agency.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio has the story as she celebrates with Idaho's finest.

"We believe if we celebrate the past that adds to success in the future," said Idaho State Police Captain, Lonnie Richardson.

On February 20,1939 the Idaho State Police became the new law enforcement agency sworn to protect and serve those traveling on Idaho's roadways.

"We have a reputation of going out of our way treating the public fairly kindly, compassionately and that's on of the things that made me want to join the Idaho State Police," said Idaho State Police Lieutenant, Allen J.Oswald.

And for 27-thousand 390-days key values like those have remained the same, transformation is key to the agencies longevity.

"The changes have been extraordinary," said Captain Richardson. "I started out with a car with no prisoner cage in it, no bullet proof vest."

"Not only in the way we do business but technologically," said Lieutenant Oswald. "The equipment has changed dramatically."

"We feel like if we give them the best equipment they can better serve the public and keep in step with the flow of the times," said Captain Richardson.

With a history rooted in law enforcement excellence, Captain Lonnie Richardson said that the future is looking bright.

"We will do the next 75-years with the same professionalism and pride as we've done in the past," said Captain Richardson.

"Just to have that opportunity to help one person makes all the other things you go through worth it," said Lieutenant Oswald.

To commemorate 75-years of service ISP troopers are wearing special badges that were designed to resemble the badges worn by the earliest officers.