It was a full calendar for activities in city of Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - This past weekend, people of all ages filled the streets of downtown Lewiston for the Library's grand opening and a series of events that followed.

The Lewiston City Library demolition, renovation, and remodel has came full circle. As the year and a half wait is over and couldn't have came at a better time.

''I like to read a lot during the summer, because we have a lot more time to read," said resident Remacle. "I like reading in my bed."

The opening ceremony attracted more than a thousand people... all who were anxiously awaiting to see what the library had in store for them.

"My very favorite moment was when people came right in and saw for the first time, it was the "awws" and the "wows," said Library Director Alexa Eccles. "It's inspirational, it's amazing."

Eccles said the 35,000 square foot library has something for everyone. And she wasn't lying.

"This one is Toys Go Out, Circle of Secrets and Deep, Dark and Dangerous," said Allison Remacle.

"I thinks it's really cool there's a room just for teens," said Austin Rose.

"Not all the little kids will be getting on your nerves when your trying to read or doing your homework," said Riley Amoss.

Saturday's excitement didn't stop on "D" street.

"We're really excited to kick off our Summer Concert Series with the same amount of energy," said Beautiful Downtown Lewiston Director Breanne Durham.

And the Farmers Market was no exception either.

"The market just continues to grow throughout the summer," said Durham.

The Summer Concert Series and Farmers Market will take place every Saturday at Brackenbury Square in Downtown Lewiston.