Jackson Baldwin, Pay it Forward Foundation Annual Auction

LEWISTON, ID - It's amazing how one simple act can change so many lives.

That's the message Friday night from members of the "Jackson Baldwin, Pay it Forward Foundation" and they're planning to convey that act at an annual auction, this weekend.

The Baldwin foundation was created in honor of Jackson Baldwin, a Lewiston boy who passed away in 2006, after battling stage four neuro-blastoma. Board member and Jackson's father Scott Baldwin said the idea of helping others, came from Jackson himself. Instead of presents for his tenth birthday, Jackson said he wanted to raise money for another young boy who was also sick. he sadly passed away before the celebration.

"We had the party anyway in his honor and raised $6,000 for Connor towards his bone marrow transplant," said Scott Baldwin. "After that we thought you know the community has been so awesome for us we want to keep paying it forward and that's what we do."

This weekend the foundation is hosting their bi-annual auction, to keep paying it forward to other families whose children battle illnesses. Tickets are $25 and the auction takes place at the Nez Perce County Fair Pavilion.

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