Jackson receives guilty verdict for attempted rape and assault

ASOTIN, WA - A Clarkston man could spend the rest of life in prison after being convicted of attempted rape Wednesday morning.

Carol Zinke was in the courtroom for the verdict and has this report.

After considering Tuesday's testimony and closing arguments from both the defense and the prosecution, Asotin County Superior Court Judge Scott Gallina handed down a guilty verdict Wednesday morning for Lynn Jackson.

Jackson decided he wanted the judge to determine his guilt or innocence instead of a jury.

"You couldn't go through with the rape that you intended to commit, until the young girl started crying," said Asotin County Superior Court Judge Scott D. Gallina. "And somehow, at that point you decided to change your course of action, and I'm glad you did, but you still can't un-ring the bell."

Jackson was convicted of both attempted second degree rape with a deadly weapon and fourth degree assault.

"The most significant charge was the charge the court found Mr. Jackson guilty of," said Asotin Co. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Curt Liedkie. "The State is satisfied with that finding. It's a class A sex crime that may result in him being sentenced up to life in prison."

Liedkie said the court put in an order for a Pre-Sentence investigation. It'll show Jackson's history before his sentencing next month. Findings in the report may increase or decrease the harshness of his punishment.

"At this point we're looking forward to what the PSI (Pre-Sentence Investigation) is going to say," said Defendent Attorney, John Fay. "I'm optimistic it's going to indicate that Mr. Jackson is a man that really needs help more than he needs punishment."

Lynn Jackson is scheduled to be back in court August 25th. The findings from the Pre-sentencing investigation will determine if that's when he'll be sentenced.