Judge denies bail reduction for man charged with sexual exploitation

LEWISTON, ID - The bail will not be lowered for a man charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

An arraignment hearing was held for 53-year-old Daniel Scroggins, who's been charged with ten counts of sexual exploitation of a child. At the hearing Tuesday, the defense asked for a reduction of bond based on Scroggins' prior volunteer work, 14-years of military service, and ties to the community. However the judge didn't agree.

"Based on the charges contained in the information and also the background the state has pointed out, I think the bond set at $25,000 is a reasonable amount and will remain at that amount," said Nez Perce County Judge Carl Kerrick.

Scroggins bail was previously reduced by $25,000 back in May. The maximum penalty is up to 30-years and/or a $50,000 fine for each charge. Scroggins will next appear in court on July 2nd.