Judge orders preliminary injunction against owner of Syringa Mobile Home Park

MOSCOW, ID - About 150 people have been living with unsafe water since December, and now the Idaho Legal Aid Clinic is moving forward with its lawsuit against the owner of the Syringa Mobile Home Park, with an injunction.

Lawyers from the University of Idaho's Legal Aid Clinic represent the Syringa residents in a civil suit against property owner Magar E. Magar. They spoke at a Poverty on the Palouse forum Wednesday, explaining that a Latah County judge ordered a preliminary injunction in the case earlier this week. It requires Magar to fix the water system so it complies with state regulations, provide bottled water to residents until the system is fixed, and allow for independent testing of the water.

"What we wanted to do, and what we're asking to do is say, 'Enough is enough,' said U of I College of Law Director of Clinical Programs, Maureen Laflin. "Let's look at systemically, what is causing there to be fecal matter in the water.'"

In December, Idaho's DEQ notified Syringa Mobile Home Park residents that the water wasn't safe to drink because of unsafe levels of lead, chlorine, and coliform bacteria that comes from fecal matter.
Last week, the SEQ lifted the ban on drinking water, but said the system is still out of compliance with the state's standards.