Judge returns guilty verdict for former Culdesac teacher on child pornography

LEWISTON, ID - A former-teacher is now waiting to find out how long he'll spend in prison, if at all, after being found guilty of possessing child pornography.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio was in the courtroom as the verdict was handed down.

One by one each and every count was read.

"Count number one was a single photograph that I find beyond a reasonable doubt evidence of a female person that is under the age of 18, I therefore find Mr. Mink guilty to count one," said Nez Perce County District Judge Jeff Brudie.

Former Culdesac School District Teacher Tyler Mink was found guilty on ten of the eleven child pornography charges.

"I cannot find beyond a reasonable doubt that the female in exhibit six is under the age of 18 years, therefore I find the defendant not guilty of count six," said Judge Brudie.

Despite one charge not sticking, Corporal Eric Kjorness said the Lewiston Police Department, who's been investigating Mink since 2012 is satisfied with the overall ruling.

"It took a long time to get everything together but it was worth it in the end to get the conviction that we were looking for," said Kjorness.

The interview was one key piece of evidence Judge Jeff Brudie referred to before handing down the verdict. But for the corporal it was the images themselves.

"They're disturbing they are," said Kjorness. "Part of the training that we go through talks about how this really isn't a victimless crime. Every time those images or those movies are share or another person that child victim is victimized over and over. It's part of our job to show those child victims that we care about what happened."

Mink will now complete a psycho-sexual evaluation. Sentencing is scheduled for June fourth. The maximum Mink could face is 100-years in prison and a $100,000 fine.