Judge rules out experimental evidence for Capone's murder trial

MOSCOW, ID - The murder trial for a man accused of killing his wife is set to start later this month, however some evidence prosecutors planned to use will not be allowed.

Latah County prosecutors conducted an experiment to show how they think Rachel Anderson's body was dumped into the Snake River by Charles Capone. However Second District Judge Michael Griffin issued an order denying their request.

The experiment involved investigators putting a weighted object into the Snake River where they think her body could've been disposed of then they'd track the objects location.

Judge Griffin said he made his decision based on the fact there's no evidence to prove if the bottom of the river, contour of the river and river flow was the same as it was four-years ago.

Anderson has been missing since April 2010. Her body has never been found.

Capone's trial is scheduled to begin on June 23rd. He's currently being held at the Latah County Jail.