Judge rules sufficient evidence to charge Trent Brown with vehicular manslaughter

MOSCOW, ID - Court proceedings are moving forward for a Moscow man charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Trent Brown, 38, heard the evidence against him during a hearing Thursday at the Latah County Courthouse.

Court records show on March 20th of this year, Brown was driving a Chevy Impala on Public Street in north Moscow when he flipped his vehicle and his passenger was ejected. Chris Papineau, 30, died shortly after the accident.

During the hearing Thursday a recording of Brown admitting to drinking before getting behind the wheel was played.

"What did you have to drink?" said Moscow Police Dept. Corporal Casey Green.

uhm, a 24-ounce Four-Loko and a Keystone light." said Brown.

If you couldn't make it out, Brown said he drank a 24-ounce Four-Loko, which is a malt beverage averaging 12% alcohol content, and a Keystone light.

Witnesses for the state included the Latah County Coroner, who happened to be the first good Samaritan to come upon the accident scene, a phlebotomist, a Moscow Police corporal and an Idaho State Police trooper.

Brown's attorney, Paul Clark made several objections on technicalities but in the end, Judge John C. Judge ruled the evidence presented Thursday is sufficient to move the case over to District Court.

Brown is schedule to be back in court Monday afternoon.