Judge sets $1 million bond for Peck man charged with shooting fatality

LEWISTON, ID - A Peck man is officially charged with murder following a deadly shooting on Tuesday.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio has more from the court room, and neighbors of the victim are still in shock.

Peck resident Chris Partee is charged with murder in the second degree, with a weapons enhancement for a deadly shooting on Tuesday.

"On or about the 11th day of February 2014 in the county of Nez Perce, Idaho did willfully, unlawfully, deliberately and with malice forethought without premeditation killed Coby J. Bloodsworth," said Nez Perce County Judge Greg Kalbfleisch.

"I don't get it at all because he's a friend that comes over to the house everyday and they hand out and go get wood together," friend of suspected shooter Jared Firzlaff.

The call came in at approximately 3 p.m. and it's in that phone call where Partee allegedly told authorities he had shot another man in his residence.

"Were going to process the scene, we're going to collect evidence," said Kalbfleisch. "We're taking people that have interviews that were on scene, witnesses, and then the person that was detained will be interviewed."

Neighbors said they're stunned by the fatal outcome.

"He's a good person, I mean if you got something broke down, I mean he's there to help," said neighbor Patty Ross.

"He's one of the best guys I know," said Jared Firzlaff. "He's one of my best friends, he's always there to help, great guy."

"And that's not something he would do unless he had good reason," said Ross. "That's why its hard to believe."

While it might be hard to take in, the fact is that one person lost their life and for that a judge set the bond at one-million dollars.

"Can you lower my bond please that's the only one I got.," said Partee.

"Given the nature of the charge Mr. Partee I'm not going to lower your bond at this time. Alright? said Kalbfleisch.

Many questions still remain to be answered, however the quiet town of Peck has awoken.

"I mean I don't even lock my doors or nothing," said Ross. "Nothing I mean at night you'd think this place was like a ghost town."

"Idaho State Police has come in to assist us do an agency assist and we're going to start processing the crime scene right now," said Nez Perce County Sheriff Rodriguez.

The murder is still in the investigation stage. We will continue to have updates as they become available both here on KLEW News and our Facebook page.