Judging fair entries taken seriously at Nez Perce County Fair

LEWISTON, ID - Judges from around the region are in Lewiston critiquing the many fine arts and horticulture specimens presented at the Nez Perce County Fair.

"I love the birds in it, it give it that extra life," were the words of Nez Perce County Fair Judge Judy Fairley as she takes a look at one of many paintings submitted for judging at the 68th Annual Nez Perce County Fair.

Each judge is selected by fair officials due to their expertise in that department.

"We do take our judging very seriously," said Nez Perce County Fair Manager Mike Orton. "We do make a point to check their background to make sure they do have the experience so that when they judge, the items that folks work hard to bring into the fair, is accurately judged."

"We have the best judges in the northwest region, including Seattle, Portland, Lewiston, right here at the Nez Perce County Fair," said Fair Judge Brenda Bonfield.

"The figures are good," said Fair Judge Vickki Wayne.

Among the many exhibits is the vegetable sections where hundreds of vegetables have been submitted for judging.

"It can be very hard to make a decision, you can have some things that can be so close," said Jodene Caldwell.

Exhibitors, both young and old, showing off their special skills and hard work at this year's fair can expect to see results by Wednesday evening. Fair Judge Christy Morse said even if you're not a winner it's important to continue mastering your craft.

"So often these things are getting to be kind of a lost art," said Morse. "We usually try to make comments that let the people know they're doing great work and they're on the right path but maybe they should look into a little bit more."

An award booklet will be available within the next few weeks for those interested in seeing the judges results.

Fair ground doors open Thursday at 10 a.m. For a full listing of ticket prices visit our