Jury deliberations continue at Daniel Lazcano re-trial

COLFAX, WA - We're now awaiting a verdict as the jury, in the murder re-trial of Daniel Lazcano, spent the afternoon deliberating the case following passionate closing arguments from the counsel of both sides at the Whitman County Courthouse.

Friday morning, Daniel Lazcano's Defense Attorney Eric Christianson was given one last chance to convince a twelve-member jury that his client did not shoot and kill 23-year-old Marcus Schur in December of 2011.

"Tough kid? No," said Christianson. "He's not a gangster. Cries all the time... Some may think it's an act for the jury."

Christianson insists that Lazcano's emotional state throughout the trial wasn't an act.

"There's nobody less likely to be the person than Dan," said Christianson. "Goofy, nerdy kid. Meek, mild, kind. Extremely trustworthy. "

He points to the prosecution's refusal to cross-examine the defendant as proof that there are holes in the state's case against Lazcano.

"What a chance to try and discover what the truth is if the state has all these theories in their head," said Christianson.

Christianson told the jury that the prosecution's witnesses aren't credible, including Lazcano's Uncle James Holdren the man that the defense implicates for Schur's murder.

"I think that it's obvious that he's mentally unstable," said Christianson. "Crazy, dangerous."

The defense reminded the jury that if they have reasonable doubt that Lazcano killed Schur, the verdict should read "not guilty," and that his client is a 22-year-old with a fiance, a child, and a lot to lose.

"They're asking you to make a huge decision in a young man's life," said Christianson. "A good young man."

Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy told the jury not to buy that idea. He says he didn't cross examine Lazcano because the jury already heard the information he was going to offer on the stand.

"The issue is, what didn't he say?" said Tracy. " What did he not have to say?"

Tracy suggests the evidence proves Lazcano's testimony isn't reasonable, and that he's guilty of murder.

"He aims, he decides not to fire a warning shot, and he shoots him down," said Tracy. "Twice."

The jury will convene of Monday morning at 10:00 in hopes of eventually reaching a verdict.