Jury trial convicts Wilcoxon of first degree burglary of Lancer Lanes Casino robbery

ASOTIN, WA - A mistrial and a guilty verdict for two suspects in the Lancer Lanes Casino burglary.

A jury found 28-year-old Troy Wilcoxon guilty of first degree burglary and theft. He faces a sentence ranging from nine months to a year.
However the fate for the man accused of being his accomplice is still up in the air.

Deputy Prosecutor Curt Liedkie said three of the twelve jurors were undecided on 33-year old James Nollette's involvement in the burglary.

"Mistrial is always a bitter pill to swallow," said Liedkie. "You're always hoping for a resolution to the case and that just means we're going to have to take a look at retrying the case."

Liedkie said the state is still deciding if they're going to re-try Nollette or dismiss the charges against him.

In may of 2013, Wilcoxon was caught on camera entering the building and stealing more than $25,000. Nollette is accused of giving Wilcoxon specific information about the security of the casino. H's a former employee. Nollette is next in court on January 27th.