Kamiaken Bridge closes for construction during busiest time of year

PULLMAN, WA - One of Pullman's busiest bridges will be closed for construction this fall, and it's expected to have a major impact on downtown traffic.

The Kamiaken Bridge that connects downtown Pullman to the College Hill neighborhood is in need of a new concrete deck. A federal grant will pay for the entire project which will save the city about $150,000, but there's a catch, construction will need to happen during one of Pullman's busiest times of year.

"The other side of the federal grant program is that once they decide you can spend the money, there's a lot of pressure on you to get it spent as quick as possible," said Pullman City Supervisor Mark Workman.

The City Council accepted a bid for the project on Tuesday. City officials said the bridge will be closed for about three weeks, and the completion deadline is the end of October, however a start date has yet to be set.

The old concrete will be replaced with a stronger deck, allowing the city to remove the weight restriction on the bridge and preserve it for many years to come.