Kappa Delta sorority sisters tackle male who breaks in through window

PULLMAN, WA - An Arlington man faces felony charges after breaking into a sorority house Thursday night.

At about 4:30 Friday morning, 22-year-old Dylan Cardoza broke into WSU's Kappa Delta House. Cardoza was drunk and thought a girl he'd met earlier in the night lived there. Turns out...she didn't.

When he wasn't let in the front door, he removed a screen and entered through a window. At that point the sorority sisters woke up and took charge of the situation.

"We go up there and we actually see four or five house members sitting on this guy in the front yard and punching him and using physical force to detain him," said Pullman Police Commander, Chris Tennant.

The police don't see Cardoza as a threat and released him once he sobered up.