Keith Delzer resigns from Asotin city council position

ASOTIN, WA - The Asotin city council has lost another member in a span of just a few weeks, but this time it's because of a potential conflict of interest.

Former councilor Keith Delzer, who served the city for almost four years as a councilman, said his increasing support of Citizens for Better Government might be representative of his constituency. CBG is a group working to consolidate the three local government entities in Asotin, Clarkston and Asotin county into one unified governing body.

"I just didn't want to give the folks that have supported me for years in Asotin the impression that anything I'm doing might be conflicting with their best interests," said Delzer.

Delzer had about two years left on his term as council member. He says the next step for him is supporting CBG and getting the word out about local government consolidation.