KLEW news goes ghost hunting at Nightmare on Grelle house

LEWISTON, ID - Halloween is the time of year when it's expected to get a little spooked, but usually it's thanks to trick-or-treaters or because we visit the so-called haunted houses for fun like the Nightmare on Grelle (Avenue) attraction in Lewiston.

It's been said for years that it really is inhabited with guests of the paranormal variety. So KLEW News joined up with some local ghost hunters to see what we could find out about the old Neva's retirement home that shut down many years ago.

"Some people don't, that's fine," said Becki Marks. "We're real skeptical because before we put any pictures up for anybody or our friends to see because they do pick them apart. We try to be really hyper-critical."

Marks is one of the two representatives from a local spirit-hunting group called S.L.A.S.H. For a few years, Marks and her good friend Grace Altman have investigated the homes of residents, claiming they've experienced some strange events.

"If they're scared or just hear things, or see things that they can't explain we'll go in and set up cameras and put voice recorders in and try to get some evidence for them," said Altman.

"We've got our tools, the K-II meter, the laser pointer that gives us the temperature reading, also some flashlights and a voice recorder," said KLEW reporter Nate Kuester. "So we're set."

Before we get started, Altman leads us in prayer to make sure that nothing bad happens to us and that no spirits lurking around follow us home.

The S.L.A.S.H. Paranormal investigators have been here before and posted videos to their Facebook page, in which they say a flashlight turned on and off by itself when they asked the spirits to do so.

KLEW News wasn't there so we can't confirm it happened, but we attempted to recreate the same thing with no success. In fact it was a rather boring evening with a few minor events here and there as we investigated the old Neva's home.

We set up the K-II meter that measures electro-magnetic frequencies in various rooms. It's believed that spirits can manipulate the meter by turning the light from green to red. It had been a solid green for much of the night until an occurrence in another room at the end of our investigation. (Click on the video to see what happened).

We promptly packed up our equipment and left. Is it conclusive evidence from the beyond? No... But it was enough to give us the chills and make us feel like it was a good idea to leave.

KLEW News recognizes that some may question what you see in this story. We're merely showing you what happened while we were there. It's up to you to make up your own minds about it.