KLEW Reporter Sophia Miraglio graduates from LPD Citizen Academy

LEWISTON, ID - The 21st annual Citizen Academy is now in the books.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio took the eleven-week class and now gives us a peak of what you can expect it you'd like to sign up next year.

It takes a community to keep a community safe.

"The Lewiston Police Department does what it can with it's resources to keep the community safe but we need the partnership with our citizens to address criminal activity, to report crime and to be good witnesses," said LPD Chief Steve Orr.

And its that partnership that's been in the making for the past eleven weeks at the annual Citizen Academy.

"It's a way that we can bring them in and explain how we do things," said LPD Sergeant, Brandon Hopple. "And give them a better oversight of how their police department works."

The curriculum included night time ride alongs, as well as a variety of topics that our local law enforcement deal with on a daily basis.

"From Criminal Law to our SWAT team, to DUI investigation," said Hopple.

Arguably the most popular section could be on guns and gun safety.

"This is also a very good weapon for making an entry and for close quarter battle," said LPD Officer Dave Gobbi. "You treat every gun as if it was loaded, even if it's a plastic gun."

"You treat every gun as if it were loaded even if it's a plastic gun," said LPD Detective Tom Sparks.

I've learned everything I can, now lets put my skills to the test...kill shot!.

11 people from all different backgrounds graduated from the police academy Tuesday night. Taking with them not only their certificates but also a greater understanding of Lewiston's finest.

"We have a great compliment of men and women with the organization now. And I see the longevity and the growth of this organization continuing."

The Lewiston Police Department will hold the 22nd Citizen Academy next year around this time.