Kuha'o Makana Case, a naturally gifted performer

CLARKSTON, WA - A YouTube sensation piano performer is in town for the weekend collaborating with local students for a performance at Clarkston High School.

Musical Prodigy Kuha'o Makana Case is a talented young man with a uniquely triumphant story.

"When I go to the church on Sundays I usually hear a wonderful person up there," said Case. "And I thought of wanting to play the piano because of the powerful hymns that they play and it's just incredible."

One could also say, as incredible as 16-year-old Case's story.

Case is a naturally gifted performer, who taught himself how to play piano at the ripe age of 12 simply by listening to the world around him.

"It is imprinted, inside my head is where all the notes are imprinted," said Case.
Case only has to hear a song twice, in order to play it. A gift of sound so far-reaching, his videos are viral sensations on YouTube.

"I feel very inspired by the people I don't even know and the people that come hear me play the piano," said Case.

Which is why his family friend Barbara Merrill, insisted he collaborate with Clarkston High School students to play a concert while he's visiting.

"What an opportunity for people to hear him," said Merrill.

And when an audience gathers Saturday night in Clarkston, he'll hear them listening because Case, in fact, cannot see. Instead of reading the notes on a page, he feels the music.

"I see no limits," said Case.

Through the sound of each piano key, in every song he plays.

"Music is a key," said Case. "It's a talent, it's important, it's your gift, use it."

When Kuha'o Makana was prematurely born, he wasn't expected to live. Yet here he is, defying any boundaries set before him.

"That name in Hawaiian means extraordinary gift," said Merrill. "And he was very aptly named because he is an extraordinary gift in himself."

"I see no limitations wherever we go," said Case.

Case is performing Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Clarkston High School auditorium with other local students. The performance is free and open to anyone.

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