L-C Animal Shelter's Facebook page helped feed puppies

LEWISTON, ID - KLEW news cares about you, as staff members of the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter said that they're in amazement by the out pour of generosity from local community members... a movement that all started from a Facebook post.

Kennel Manager Calandra Dell took to their Facebook page Wednesday afternoon explaining they were in dire need of puppy food. Chow for younger animals tends to be more expensive and it's harder to come by for the shelter. Within an hour and a half Dell said they were getting bags of puppy food left and right.

"The response has been overwhelming," said Dell. "Just amazing that this community is so giving, when there's an issue, people just jump right in. I've taken a call from California."

But Dell said the need doesn't end here. They rely on donations to feed their animals, so if you'd like to take food or monetary funds to the animal shelter, they are always accepting donations.