L-C Ice Rink supporters deliver business plan to Port of Lewiston Commissioners

LEWISTON, ID - Leaders from the Port of Lewiston are sitting with a lot on their minds right now. Supporters of the Lewis Clark Ice Rink met with port leaders Wednesday night to explain why they feel the rink should stay.

Reporter Carol Zinke reports what both sides had to say.

Wednesday afternoon members and supporters of the L-C Amateur Hockey Association gathered to present a business plan to the Port of Lewiston. Port commissioners said the rink isn't bringing in enough money to support the lease, but members of the group said programs at the rink are growing and it provides a positive place for young people.

"You become very attached to the rink and other families," said registrar Joleen Carper. "For many kids it's the only sport they participate in; its what keeps them going. Its very emotional."

Joleen Carpet delivered the business plan to the port and David Doeringsfeld. The port manager said he was impressed with the proposal, but there's something else they have to consider too.

"There's a business that is also looking at the rink and we need to take a look at what that businesses needs are, as well as the needs of the hockey association and hopefully we can find a way to work this out," said Doeringsfeld.

In the proposal, Carpet discussed the economic benefits the rink has in the Valley. She said for every hockey tournament there are 300 visitors that come through the valley, staying at hotels, spending money on entertainment and shopping. They also talked about finding a different location for the rink, because they'd like to have a full sheet of ice, which is something the current building is too small for, but they need time to find another space.

There is no set deadline for when the port plans to make a decision, but Doeringsfeld said it's possible they'll have something figured out by the end of June.