L-C Valley's 911 Remembrance Procession is Wednesday evening

LEWISTON, ID - Twelve years have passed since the 911 terrorist attacks, and local fire and police departments haven't forgotten.

Firefighters and police officers are riding silently Tuesday from Asotin to Lewiston. The annual 911 procession remembers those who died on the tragic September day. It's estimated that almost three thousand people died in total. Those at the Pentagon, people in the airplanes, victims in the Twin Towers and those killed from burning debris.

"There were 343 firefighters that perished that day along with all the other people," said Asotin Co. Fire Dist. #1 Chief, Noel Hardin. "So we decided we would never forget and do this each and every year."

The silent emergency vehicle procession starts in Asotin at 5:30 in the evening. It'll make it's way to Pioneer Park in Lewiston by 6:45.