Landstrom celebrates a happy 100th Birthday

LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston Resident Ed Landstrom celebrated his 100th birthday Monday, and it's no insult or exaggeration to say he doesn't look a day over 80.

The centenarian, who was born on April 22nd, 1913 in Lebanon, Oregon, has lived his 100 years of life to the fullest. Landstrom served many years as a Marine in the United States military, is a dedicated father and a loving husband. Landstrom was kind enough to share the secret to having a long marriage with us.

"Even before we were married I vowed to God and myself that I would love her unconditionally, and I've tried to do it, that's the secret," said Landstrom.

Ed will celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary this September. Ed said that he looks forward to spending many more years with his family.