Lapwai animal control laws may soon change after Pit Bull attack

LAPWAI, ID - Leaders in the city of Lapwai are looking at a complete overhaul of animal regulations following a fatal dog brawl.

According to police reports, a Pit Bull attacked Mary Sugden's dog a week ago. Gordy, Sugden's dog, suffered from severe injuries and died days later.

But due to outdated and lax laws, Police Chief Dave Rogers said charging Basil George, the owner of the Pit Bull is difficult. Chief Rogers said they're now pressing criminal charges against George and trying to overhaul laws for animal control in the city.

"If their pet is going to get away and cause damage or injury or cause death to an animal or God forbid a child or another human, they are going to be held liable or criminally responsible," said Nez Perce Tribal Police Chief, Dave Rogers.

Rogers is presenting a new plan of action to the City of Lapwai this week. If it passes, he hopes for stricter rules and consequences for rampant animals and their owners.