Lapwai Elementary receives Century Link's Teacher and Technology grant money

LAPWAI, ID - Often times a teacher's work for their class goes unrecognized.

Well, that wasn't the case last Friday. Reporter Sophia Miraglio was in Lapwai for a well-deserved surprise.

I'm here at Lapwai Elementary where a teacher and her fourth grade class are about to get a surprise of a lifetime...lets go inside and take a look.

"What we're doing is looking for teachers that are doing really innovative things with technology in the classroom to improve the student experience," said Century Link Vice President, Jim Schmit. "So, you may remember applying for a grant a few month ago so we're here today to give you this check for almost $5,000."

"It was a huge surprise," said Julie Clark who submitted the grant. "There's so many people that apply for grants so it's a shot in a million you think. So when they appear it's like wow we really did git it, it's really exciting.

Eleven Idaho schools in total were selected to receive money from Century Link's Teacher and Technology grant program.

"We want more students to graduate and the money this teacher receives from Century Link is gonna help accomplish that," said Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna.

And for Julie Clark that's what it's all about!

"The student's, that's the only reason," said Clark. "And the kids in the classroom are so excited! They just 'when do we get them,' 'when do we start,' 'We want to study this, we want to look up that.'

15 chromebooks and protective covers with the money.

"It's very intuitive for them to learn in these ways, it engages students at a higher level and the end result higher student achievement," said Luna. "We see it every time we properly implement technology."

In total, Century Link has awarded $700,000 to Idaho teachers for technology. Century Link has expanded this program from just Idaho to now include 35-states around the nation.