Lapwai family left homeless after house fire destroys everything


A Lapwai family loses everything in a house fire this past weekend, and are now left homeless. Now, the Kalousek’s are doing the best they can to move forward.

"The front porch sat right here,” said Misty Kalousek.

A sea of ash, and rubble litters the ground where the Kalousek’s home used to be.

"This will still be able to be used,” said Misty.

This past weekend, Misty Kalousek was at her grandson’s birthday party when she got a call from a neighbor saying her house was on fire. She rushed home.

"All I could see was smoke, and I kept asking, where's my dogs, where's my dogs?" said Misty.

Fire crews kept Misty at the end of the driveway, and all she could do was watch as plumes of smoke billowed from the place she called home, and was left wondering, if her pets made it out alive. Sadly, the fire took more than just her possessions.

"Two baby kittens, one was a rescue kitten, one was just a cat I got from a friend, and then our service dog Leah, she was eight years old,” said Misty.

This proved to be one the hardest pills to swallow.

Misty said, "It's just material things, I'm upset because of the pets."

But through the chaos, the Kalousek family has kept their sense of humor.

"It's the hottest thing on the market,” said Misty.

And they have tried their best to keep a positive outlook...

"We're a strong family,” said Misty.

Even through the devastation.

"We start over, you know, other than family heirlooms everything is replaceable,” said Misty. “A lot of stuff was new but that doesn't mean it has to be new to replace it, so we just figure it out I guess."

The family said the fire was started because of an electrical issue.

KLEW News spoke with the landlord of the property but he declined to comment.

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