Latah Co. Prosecutor Thompson's long road to filing charges against Capone

LEWISTON, ID - Murder charges have been filed against two Moscow men linked to the disappearance of a Clarkston woman, who's been missing for three years.

Authorities have been actively investigating the disappearance of Rachael Anderson since she was first reported missing three years ago.

"Over time the investigators have gradually accumulated more and more information," said Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson.

On Tuesday that information was reviewed by all the lead investigators, also new information from cellmates of Charles Capone was brought to the table.

"And after analyzing we decided that there was sufficient information out there that we believed it was appropriate to proceed with the filing of charges," said Thompson.

Charges were brought against not only Charles Capone but also his friend 49-Year-Old David Stone. The two men were the last people known to have seen Anderson.

"You can't say that there's one thing that made the difference in the initiation of charges," said Thompson. "It really was the accumulation of all the on-going investigation results."

Both men were charged with principal to murder in the first-degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first-degree, and failure to notify a coroner or law enforcement of the death.

"We want to have the case move forward to a resolution, and have some accountability and some closure for the victims," said Thompson.

Due to the FBI's failure to file federal charges in the allotted time period, Capone was scheduled to be released. However, these new charges will keep him behind bars for the time being.

"The timing of our filing charges has nothing to do with that," said Thompson.

Anderson was last seen in the Moscow area on April 16th of 2010.

The federal investigation of Charles Capone remains active and ongoing.